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                 自 律 分 散 式 軸 承  A.D.B.






话题   - An article appeared on Nikkei robotics. 

     - International Tribology Conference, by 2015 Tokyo exhibition 

           Featuring PopularMechanics               


                        Add High-speed Water-Lubricant demo   Add Wind turbine bearing












Technical reports < Only Japanese >


The past topics



   �� No.1 The principle and the characteristic of ADB.






   �� No.2The coefficient of friction and lifetime evaluation



Oil free bearing   Sales   [Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun]



   �� No.3 The uncontrollable slide which rolls and is inherent in a bearing.



FME Racing Team adopted ADB.



   �� No.4 Water environments



Accelerate Successful Exploitation of Intellectual Proper ty JST



   �� No.5 ADB seen in the conventional technologyADB



2011-, Innotech Show & business talk meeting South Korea.

35th The Invention Invention Award��Kawasaki audition entrepreneur

�� Development announcement by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.



   �� No.6 The race curvature design and lubricant which 

employed the feature of ADB efficiently






















 Ball bearing

   �� JP3964926  US8052330






 Roller bearing

   �� JP5320547






 Preload method

   �� JP2014-16005  WO2014010542






 NanoDiamond Lube

   �� JP2014-40927