Thesis 2

The first big innovation in bearings since Da Vinch.
Patent Design
Coo Space CO.,LTD.

Autonomous Decentralized Bearing

Thesis 1
V i d e o

The past topics

- Oil free bearing   Sales   [Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun]

- FME Racing Team Adopted ADB

- Accelerate Successful Exploitation of Intellectual Property JST

- 2011-8, Innotech Show & business talk meeting South Korea.

- 35th The Invention Invention Award

- 57th Kawasaki audition entrepreneur

- Development announcement by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Ltd.


Ball bearing arrow JP3964926 US8052330
Roller bearing arrow JP5320547 US8783958 CNZL200880015918
Preload method arrow JP2014-16005
NanoDiamond Lube arrow JP2014-40927

Fa=40KN, N=3000rpmaddition